Her journey, as well as her insight and self-reflection are the cornerstone of her creations. Samia, the Designer, draws her inspiration from her Moroccan roots to which, of course, she is strongly attached, predominantly through the Amazigh culture.

+  N E O – B E R B ER 

Thanks to the imperishable features of the materials used to produce them, YELLI JEWELS are authentic, timeless, and diverse in styles. They are dedicated to all women and med, of all nationalities, of all age in their deepest singularity. Because, as every person , every handcrafted YELLI JEWEL is unique.

+ A U T H E N T I C
+ U N I V E R S AL
+ T I M E L E S S

YELLI JEWELS are also jewels that are part of a Slow-fashion approach. In order to promote a sustainable and more thoughtful way of consuming, only high-quality materials are used to ensure the durability of YELLI JEWELS jewelry. Respectful of the social and local environment, all products including packaging are manufactured in the region under socially responsible working conditions. In addition, to avoid waste, in an eco-responsible ethic, YELLI JEWELS promotes the recycling of silver and advocates a just-in-time production system. That is to say that the jewels are manufactured in limited quantity and it is an order that triggers the production of a new series of jewels.