It’s through the Berber jewels, guardians of the ancestral legacy inherited from mother to daughter, that Samia have built the image of the Moroccan culture since she was a young girl and led her to this beautiful journey, constantly seeking to quench her thirst for the knowledge of the Arts and Crafts. Then, she naturally decided to re-interpret the Amazigh culture under a new light, one closer to her personal history, in a NEO-BERBER way to tell her story through her designs.



It is after her adventures, in her travel diary, that Samia gets used to scribbling her thoughts and ideas. She also draws her sketches of jewels. But it is with the help of a graphics software that the jewel really takes shape: it is printed and “worn” before being communicated to the craftsmen she works with.

YELLI JEWELS uses 925 silver (92.5% silver). The silver is first melted to obtain silver ingots or silver wire. Then, according to the model, the raw silver is refined with a machine to get the wanted width. Depending on the model, there are the following steps:

The cutting of the model :  Enamel / Ciseling / Filigree