U | LT | MA

This universal and timeless collection highlights the woman, the man, the man and the woman; the individual beyond gender and ages in his virgin, authentic and singular character. A unisex collection for Her and for Him, which comes to life through the identity of its creator . U|LT|MA

U|LT|MA: In the matrilineal lexicon of Amazigh culture, "uma" and "ultma" mean brother and sister, and invoke the creative mother, in the image of the Land of the Home or Genesis.

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+Authentic, Timeless, Universal, Unisex+.
+ U|LT|MA +

  1. 2-in-1 Amazigh Pendent NECKLACE / EARRING
  1. 2-in-1 Wavy Reversible RING/NECKLACE
  1. 2-in-1 Xtra Coffee Chain BRACELET/(SHORT)-NECKLACE
  1. Amazigh Braided RING
  1. Amazigh Coin Chain BRACELET
  1. Amazigh Coins Braided Bangle BRACELET
  1. Amazigh Double Rosettes NECKLACE
  1. Amazigh Medaillon Coffee Chain NECKLACE
  1. Amazigh Medaillon EARRINGS
  1. Amazigh Medaillon RING
  1. Amazigh Medaillon Simple Chain NECKLACE
  1. Amazigh Rosette Chain BRACELET
  1. Amazigh Rosette RING
  1. Amazigh Rosettes Bangle BRACELET
  1. Amazigh single pendent EARRING
  1. Amazigh Single Rosette II EARRING
  1. Carte cadeau
  1. Double Studs Bangle BRACELET
  1. Double Studs RING
  1. Hammered  Studs Bangle BRACELET
  1. LIMITED Master-Piece Tribal Coins NECKLACE
  1. Octo studs EARRINGS
  1. Octo studs RING
  1. Plus Studs Chain NECKLACE/BRACELET