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While I was travelling around Asia, I remember being gently accosted by a group of local women offering to show me around. That was in Sa Pa, a small typical village in Vietnam.

I remember that their sparkling silver ethnic jewels immediately caught my eye in the middle of all the agitation caused by our arrival.

I was really impressed by how the jewels seemed to emphasize the fervor of these women. Curious as a child, I started asking questions and digging deeper into these Jewels origins and meanings. My curiosity was well received by these women that proudly explained how their jewels were traditionally made by craftsmen and craftswomen, perpetuating a millenary tradition.

When leaving, the group’s elder woman offered me a beautiful pair of silver earrings and told me « You are one of us now, you’re just like my daughter ! » .

This experience turned out to be a defining moment in my life. I have decided, that upon my return to Morocco, I would start promoting the incredible cultural heritage of my beautiful country by highlighting the Berber jewels crafts that have always fascinated me.

As an echo to this enriching experience, YELLI JEWELS was born !

" YELLI " that literally means "my daughter" in the Berber dialect, also refers to the inheritance process of the Berber ethnic jewelry that I am hoping to achieve.


C U L T U R E  X  H E R I T A G E  X  E T H N I C I T Y



Steeped in history, Berber jewels stand the test of time by being adaptable to social mutations. Therefore traditional Berber jewels can be perfectly worn of their original context by modern women. This duality is the DNA of YELLI JEWELS.


T R A D I T I O N  X  M O D E R N I T Y


YELLI JEWELS proposes a fine selection of authentic jewelry pieces, but also  customized and newly created artisanal silver jewelry. Every jewelry piece is handmade by talented Berber craftsmen located in the south of Morocco. I feel particularly lucky to closely collaborate with them.

To honor their artistic and traditional work, YELLI JEWELS is also promoting their designs. Devoted to their art they only handle good quality of silver , insuring YELLI JEWELS unique and timeless pieces.

In order to respect the cultural and natural environment, the jewels are produced on a small scale and in limited stock.  YELLI JEWELS favors crafts work, that's why YELLI JEWELS's box and pouches are handmade too. YELLI JEWELS also favors just-in-time work, which is why the pre-order system is recommended. 

Last but not least, YELLI JEWELS pieces can evolve according to your feedback.

Please feel free to get in touch and contact us at :, we would love to hear from you!



Who am I?

Born and raised in Morocco, I moved to Paris at eighteen and graduated with a master’s degree in Marketing. My dual cultural education made me explore new horizons. Travelling feeds my soul and inspires me through new environments. It somehow reconnects me to the rich cultural heritage of my own country.

That’s why after few professional experiences in France and a 7 months trip around Asia, I decided to come back to Morocco. My purpose is to devote myself to the the promotion of Moroccan crafts through Berber jewels : true treasures which are part of the World’s cultural heritage.




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