AKAL: Noun, Amazigh
[English translation : Earth]

Nourishing Land, Genesis and Den of Creation, Fruitful, Moving and Evolutionary,
Land of ancestors, plural, diverse and eclectic riches,
Earth of anchorage, federating foundation that maintains, unites, strengthens and elevates.
Through Akal, the Amazigh jewel reinvents itself and nourishes itself with new inspirations:

🜃 : Universal alchemical symbol of the earth, is the culmination of this collection.
You can find it on every single piece of our collection. It adjusts, nests and overlaps itself to create a harmonious whole.
The triangle that can also be found is the Amazigh collective spirit: The Ram :creative force, and the Bull :symbol of Fertility.

The triangle is associated and crossed with a semi-circle : universal symbol of femininity, a real tribute to Women.

AKAL, is therefore in its essence an allegorical celebration of the stable and fertile Earth, Mother of creation and to Life.