In the family of precious materials, I choose silver! Yes, alongside gold and platinum, silver is not left out when it comes to precious materials, it is even very popular on a daily basis for its malleability and accessibility in terms of cost, which makes it a favorite for craftsmen and jewellers but also consumers. Silver being the raw material of Yelli Jewels, today we decided to give you all its secrets.


1,2,3… 925 Silver


As you probably know, there are many qualities of silver, and when you don’t really know it, it’s easy not to find yourself and often to get ripped off. So, what interests us of course is the best quality of silver which is 925 silver. Also known as raw silver or sterling, its alloy is composed of 92.5% silver, the remaining 7.5% representing other materials usually copper.

It is a very popular material in craftsmanship and jewelry because it is light, easy to handle and solid. With the right maintenance there is no reason that your jewel does not survive the vagaries of time, the proof is that Amazigh the silver jewels are transmitted from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.


As good as new


The drawback of silver is that it oxidizes, loses its shine and blackens due to lack of maintenance. But do not panic, by adopting the right gestures you will be able to keep your jewels as sparkling as on the first day.

For example, your Yelli Jewels jewelry comes with their pouches, so remember to store them away from moisture when you don’t wear them. In case of oxidation, you can use a special product for silverware and a soft cloth or, failing that, toothpaste/ baking soda and your jewel will be as good as new!


Silver Jewelry: A Small Investment


Like all precious metals, silver has a Market value (100g = 69 euros), a value that increases from year to year. The price of silver increased between last year and this year by 3.16% and in the last five years there has been an increase of 20.25%.

Many studies claim that there are about 13 years of global silver reserves which will make it in addition to a precious metal, a rare metal, we can therefore de duce that its market value will be all the more important, the silver jewels are therefore beyond being an ornament, a real investment. And you on which Yelli Jewels piece will you invest?

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