As it is known to be an earth stone, it is no surprise that the Tiger’s Eye Stone is central in our latest collection AKAL, celebration of the element earth. But there’s so much more to it than symbolism or aesthetics, and so we decided to let you on the secrets of this beautiful stone !


Identity Card


Tiger’s eye, what a weird noun for a stone you might think, but its iridescence and golden colors are not without reminding one of felines. But it wasn’t always called that way, in Mesopotomia, this particular stone bore the name Oculus Belus. Oculus that means eye, so this comparison between the stone and eyes goes way back, and Belus refered to the god of wealth.

Quite intriging, this stone is from the quartz family like many other known stones such as the amethyst and the rose quartz to mention a few. The palettes of colour of the Tiger’s Eye stone is rich of yellow and brown tones making it a very elegant stone.


A stone full of properties


The Tiger’s eye stone is popular for more than its beauty, it is stone to which is attribute numerous property. It is believe to be first and foremost a protective stone, supposed to bring stability as it is associated with the earth elements.

In lithotherapy it is mostly advised for joints health, it is also believe that worn in jewelry it appeases headaches. It may also help reduce respiratory issues by relaxing the diaphram and it also help in regulating blood pressure.

The marvels of the Tiger’s eye stone aren’t only physical of course, it is believed to be a great protection against negative energies, worn in jewelry it enhances creativity. This stone helps in one’s growth process and strenghen self-confidence.


Pair it with other stones !


As all stones are unique and possess their own propreties and vibrations, You need to be careful with the stones you associate them with.

As Tiger’s eye is a protective stone you can pair it with black Tourmaline and Obsidian for a better energy flow but also with Amber. Not only are the colors of Amber and Tiger’s eye stone similarin their warmness but they also both have energising properties that gets amplified when the stones are worn together.


To take with extra care


Every stone needs to be cared for to make sure they say as beautiful but also as powerful as in their first days. To help your Tiger’s eye stone retain its properties and connexion to the earth there’s a very simple way : Wear it !

Yes, the Tiger’s eye stone recharge itself by being exposed to sunlight and moonlight, so make sure it’s getting its fill of vitamin D as you get yours !


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