Like the great majority of the ancestral African ethnic groups, the Berber people are of oral tradition, so it is very complicated to find documents relating their history, however this does not mean that the Free Men left no trace of their history. Today we invite you to get to know one of the guarantors of the culture and history of the Amazigh: Tattoos.

The Amazigh culture has always placed humanity at the centre of all things, emphasizing on the ties that linked it to the spiritual world, to nature but also and especially to its fellow human beings.
One of the best examples of this is the mother-daughter relationship, a strong and beautiful bond sealed by the tradition of handing over the jewels of the matriarch to her daughters. 

Amazigh, Berbers… for many these words are more than familiar, the expression of their roots and cultural heritage. For others they still contain a part of mystery, so we decided for this first publication to make you discover or rediscover the Amazigh culture through the prism of its jewels.

In the world of jewelry, between fine jewelry and costume jewelry, a new trend emerges: The designer jewelry. Slowly making a place in a tough and competitive market, the designer jewel is unfortunately still unknown or even misunderstood by many. So today we take you on a visit to this universe where creativity is expressed without fear through and beyond its limits.