As you all know, our brand Yelli Jewels have been influences by Amazigh culture, beliefs and customs since day one. It is therefore not surprising that the women’s place in Amazigh society shaped our vision of where women should stand nowadays. We thought long and hard about what it means to us to be a woman and how our brand can empower and each and every one them to fully reach their hidden potential, and that is what we are striving for every day but particularly in this Month of Women’s Right.


The Amazigh Woman

In the traditional Amazigh Society, Women hold a very important place. As it is a matriarchal society like many other African countries it wasn’t surprising to find women holding high status in the society, they were originally called Tamghart litteraly meaning « President » in English.

Women in these societies often held leadership positions as spiritual mothers or military leaders. A very inspiring example is the one of Dihiya meaning « Beautiful » who was a military general that lived from 585-712 AD and led battles against romanian and arabic invaders.

Many other women marked the history of the Amazigh society by their beauty, courage, fierceness, intelligence, wisdom and sacrifices for the good of their people, leaving a legacy for generations of women to come.

HISTOIRE - La Kahena, reine berbère |

The Yelli Woman

Here at Yelli Jewels, we believe that the Amazigh Society has a lot to teach us about the infinite possibilities of our feminity. That’s why we try to display the values that our ancestors have left us not only in the written or oral history but through craftsmanship, more specifically Jewelry.

Because, yes, Jewelry has been a mean for Amazigh women to express their uniqueness, their creativity and their power. This is what The Yelli Woman is, to us, a woman that is not afraid to express herself and her voice through her jewelry.

A woman that states without voicing it her braveness, her boldness, her uniqueness. The Yelli Woman is on that goes for what she wants without letting fear or society standards dictate us what she can or cannot do.

The Yelli Woman it is you, it is her, it is all of us.


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