In the world of jewelry, between fine jewelry and costume jewelry, a new trend emerges: The designer jewelry. Slowly making a place in a tough and competitive market, the designer jewel is unfortunately still unknown or even misunderstood by many. So today we take you on a visit to this universe where creativity is expressed without fear through and beyond its limits.

Atelier de fabrication de bijoux



From Idea to designer jewel: A long and complex process

One of the most distinctive features of the designer jewel is the creative and manufacturing process which is particularly tedious. Indeed, each piece of jewelry is designed to be unique and stand out from what has already been done! Yes, in a world of jewelry designers that is very harsh, only originality and authenticity pay off.

So, these are months of research and work, where the creator, fully invested in his task, is pushed to his limits in order to conceive, to draw and model jewels while establishing a common thread between them in order to create a harmonious whole: a homogeneous collection.

Following the design, now comes the manufacturing stage which is just as complex. Once the jewel is hand-drawn and then modeled using graphics software, it is printed in 2D and "tried" with the real dimensions. After a few meetings on the decision to use the materials, the jewels gradually take life through a prototype that is then adjusted and modified.

Where many companies in the field of jewelry do in industrial production, faster and less expensive, the jewels of creators are made in a traditional and cultural way, that is to say by means of the traditional manual know-how, by the craftsman with whom he works in collaboration. Every piece of jewelry made by hand up to the smallest detail requires a lot of time: many hours of work or even days per piece.

Modelling and try on of the Mint Tea Cuff


Designer jewelry and quality: Noble materials and worked with care

Not quite at the level of fine jewelry and its precious stones, but very far from the entry-level fancy jewel, the crafting of designer jewelry very generally involves the use of so-called noble materials such as 925 silver and sometimes even fine stones such as lapis lazuli, coral or turquoise.

The jewels are made with meticulous care, even in the most complex finishes. Indeed, here quality is the watchword and everything is done to bring a unique jewel, aesthetically pleasing but also durable.

Raw 925 Silver

Slow fashion, sustainable development, safeguarding craftsmanship : Designer jewelry or when the useful joins the pleasant!

 While for a very long time the fashion world has been perceived as a superficial universe, many emerging brands and even some older ones choose to bring depth. We hear about Slow Fashion; doesn’t that ring a bell?

Slow Fashion is simply a concept that promotes sustainable and eco-responsible ethical fashion. We prefer quality materials, sustainable and respectful of the environment, it is also production in small quantities and on demand to minimize the production of waste, and finally, it is also a means of promoting artisanal manufacturing to the detriment of automation and thus putting people back at the center of the production chain. It also supports the local economy and local artisans and their families.

With the emergence of designer jewelry brands that want to be invested and committed to the community and the environment, it is nice to note that the jewelry market is not on the margins of this revolution.


Crafting in progress

Designer Jewelry and the Price Controversy

One of the topics that creates the most controversy about designer jewelry remains the high price, which for many remains a considerable barrier especially given the current economic situation.

The price is often considered too high since designer jewelry remains more expensive than costume jewelry purchased and resold (without creation and authenticity behind) and does not have the same characteristics as high jewelry. But if you have followed well since the beginning of this article, you understand now that the price of designer jewelry is justified by all the elements argued above.

When making the purchase, it is not just the jewel in itself but it is the creative process, the working time as well as the efforts invested in order to obtain a quality jewel that you buy! Not to mention that because of the materials used, the designer jewels go beyond the simple accessory and becomes an investment because it is sustainable.


XL Coin chain limited necklace, 10 Hours necessary for crafting




Creation and Entrepreneurship: The Challenges of Creators

It is important to point out that beyond the creation of jewelry, we are talking about entrepreneurship. Creators give up the stability of the wage earner to live totally by their creativity and entrepreneurship is not without difficulties.

In fact, it goes beyond the creative aspect, to manage all the other aspects, marketing, financial, commercial or even logistics, and this almost alone, it is therefore an enormous amount of time, but also of energy and resources invested to make such a project succeed and maintain itself before even talking about profitability.

Another major challenge is to find quality but also trustworthy business partners and suppliers who will not abuse the lack of experience that often characterize young entrepreneurs.

Finally, we must not forget that creators who choose to be part of the Slow Fashion approach face tough competition from fast fashion brands and their small prices that ultimately cost the community and the environment. Buying a piece of designer jewelry therefore means paying for artistic property but also all the difficulties and risks taken by the creator.

Stones supplier shop


Yelli Jewels in all this?

You will understand now, Yelli Jewels is a brand of designer jewelry with all the features and especially all the difficulties and obstacles that this implies. But it is also a journey, a journey full of discoveries and passion that we share with you through each jewel.

Investing in a Yelli Jewels jewel means investing in a quality and sustainable product. It encourages job creation and the craft trades that today are dying at the national and international level.  It means acquiring more than a prop, a legacy, a piece of history.

Designer jewelry is all that and more, so together, let’s propel young designers who have decided to make a difference. Consuming better, consuming locally, consuming sustainably is our credo.




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