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YELLI JEWELS wants to make you discover an unique olfactive experience as an initiation and immersion into the Berber local culture.

That's why, with your jewels order you also received as a gift a transparent yellow pouch in organza.


This mix of mysterious colorful herbs is named Serghina or Sarghine. It is known to be a popular Berber perfume and a traditional present to the future brides.


Serghina is a plant with small white flowers, fibrous and gnarled roots of the caryophyllaceae family. This mix is finely chopped and sprinkled with orange blossom water. Then, to accentuate this woody scent, herborists and Berber women add Musc, Alum pieces and Agalloche wood pieces.


Serghina have different virtues. Its primary use was to be medicinal : it is fortifying, diuretic, tonic, deodorizing and antibacterial. According to popular beliefs, its fumigation would also have magic virtues, especially against the evil eye.  Also, breathing its smell has an aphrodisiac power and can strengthen the brain, heals the coryza, perfume and deodorizes the body.


So you have the choice : either you can use this mix as an incense in your home or you can put it in your closet as a deodorant and fragrance diffuser. I hope you will enjoy it !


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